Impact and Use of Assisted Living EMAR and Operations Software

How can I make better Financial decisions using Assisted Living Budgeting and Cost Management Software?
With the financial stress imposed by Covid, and with occupancy rates still not at normal levels, budget compliance and cost control have become even more important to ensure that your Assisted Living Facility or Group Home thrives in these trying times.... 
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Is offering and EMAR good enough in marketing your LTC Pharmacy services to Senior Care?

Put simply, offering an EMAR alone is not enough to set you apart in the competitive LTC Pharmacy business. You need to stand out from your competition to earn more LTC business..... (Read Blog Entry)

What is PRD (Per Resident Day) Cost/Revenue in Assisted Living or Senior Living and how does that help me?

Per Resident Day (PRD) costs/revenues refers to the calculation of how much do you spend or make for each resident, who is in your community, by each accounting line. Typically PRD is used more for calculating and comparing costs... (Read Blog Entry)

How can you reduce your legal exposure using Risk Management processes when adverse incidents happen?

With Senior Care, the risk of falls, elopement and other adverse incidents may happen despite your best efforts and your careful precautions in place. When such incidents occur, what you do following that, is important in proving your commitment to providing world class care. It is also... (Read Blog Entry)

How to resist the Covid-19 induced Financial Crash in Senior Living Operations

Costs are rising for Senior Care operators and investors. The ability of residents and families to pay for Assisted Living is falling. Covid-19 has created a new landscape of slower move ins and falling occupancy. This shrinking gap between rising costs and... (Read Blog Entry)

Say 'Hello' to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Senior Care!

You have invested in the best possible CRM system to generate leads, follow up on them, eventually close the sale and help them move in. You have invested in a different top notch medication management system and that helps you pass meds on time and stay compliant. You also have yet another...  (Read Blog Entry)

What can we do to help with the COVID operational challenges?

I am delighted to share that we have been able to rush certain functionality out to our Senior Care partners that are critical for their operations! First, we have added 2 FREE features for all our customers to electronically document staff temperature readings... (Read Blog Entry)

Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) - a key part of your compliance!

Electronic Medication Administration Record, also referred to as EMAR, is a key portion of the compliance efforts of an Assisted Living or Senior Care property. Typically, this is almost always the first area of focus when a state inspection agency walks in the door. Staying on top of this and making sure that it is properly administered and documented... (Read Blog Entry)

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