Is offering an EMAR good enough in marketing your LTC Pharmacy services to Senior Care?

Put simply, offering an EMAR alone is not enough to set you apart in the competitive LTC Pharmacy business. You need to stand out from your competition to earn more LTC business.

The trend of Long Term Care facilities switching from paper to EMAR or switching from one EMAR to another, has reached a fever pitch in the market. As you market your LTC pharmacy services to these customers, what sets you apart from your competition? We are hearing more and more, from our LTC pharmacy partners, that merely an EMAR alone has become a commodity. Every LTC pharmacy offers one, and many of them offer the same one. In this respect, there is nothing setting you apart from your competition, and you are reduced to your marketing pitch from years ago – ‘Our pharmacy offers better service. While that is undoubtedly true, does that make enough of a difference in the mind of the LTC customer to go with you?

How can you stick out in the minds of the Long Term Care Facilities when they pick a pharmacy? How can you stand head and shoulders above your LTC Pharmacy competitors when it’s time for your customer to pick a pharmacy partner?

Sushoo/AL Cloud Care has been that difference maker for many LTC pharmacies, and can be for you also. We offer many advantages to LTC Pharmacies that will help you get new business and keep your current business. What are the advantages we offer?

• You can be the ‘Hero’ partner pharmacy who can help them improve their compliance, care, revenue management and profitability all in one shot.

• We offer more than just the EMAR. We offer EMAR, EHR, Operations, Risk Management and Financial Software for Long Term Care Facilities.

• Our EMAR and EHR will help them go beyond just medication management and compliance, and will help them with their resident charting, ADL’s, Assessments and Incident Report documentation.

• Our Staff modules will help them track their staff certifications, licensing, compliance and keep them informed.

• Our Financial Modules will help them capture charges, bill, collect revenue, maintain budget compliance, track spend/pay down and increase profitability.

• Our Risk Management Module will help them ensure that all their adverse incidents are promptly and properly managed.

• For our pharmacy partners, we keep you in the loop on medication changes on the facility side so you can reduce wastage and save money.

• We offer split billing where you can choose what is billed to the LTC facility directly and what is billed to the pharmacy so you can decide your workflow.

• We help your pharmacy stay in the loop with REAL TIME messaging, pharmacy software integration with your pharmacy management system and key event notifications.

All of this will reduce your pharmacy work load, reduce your wastage, reduce your cost, HELP YOU EARN MORE BUSINESS and improve your pharmacy bottom line. It is clear that providing an EMAR alone, which now reduced to a commodity, is no longer enough to set you apart from your competitors.

Please feel free to contact us for a detailed demo on how all this is possible for you.

- Naveen Venkatachalam, posted 5/16/2021

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