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Why is price transparency important in proving the ‘Affordability’ of software?

Every software company on the web trumpets how their particular software solution is ‘Affordable’, ‘Competitively Priced’ and has the ‘Best Value Proposition’. Unsurprisingly, most, if not all of these companies, do not publicly post their prices on the web. And the question arises, why not? If they are as ‘Affordable’ and ‘Competitively Priced’ or have the ‘Best Value Proposition’, why would they hesitate to back it up by posting their prices publicly? Clearly the answer to that question is painfully obvious. They are really not as affordable as they claim to be.

Most software companies hope to lure you in and hope to have you invest time, effort and emotional commitment by doing demo’s first, doing the sales pitch and more before finally submitting a proposal to justify their unaffordable price. It is their hope that they can overcome their lack of value and exorbitant pricing with slick literature, smooth talk and claims of being the ‘best’.
Sadly many companies get sucked into this sales cycle and end up spending more money for a lesser product. Spending more time on a harder solution. Getting less value for their investment.

We will stand by our assertion that AL CloudCare is indeed an amazingly affordable solution for your Assisted Living, IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disability), BH (Behavioral Health) and Group Home software needs. We back it up by posting our prices on our software pricing page. We prove our value to you by listing our features and benefits that you get for the price.

We are the most affordable, best value AL, IDD, BH and Group Home software. Please feel free to make us prove it to you. Call us for a demo, and please reach your own conclusions.   

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