Electronic Medication Administration Record - a key part of your compliance!

Electronic Medication Administration Record, also referred to as EMAR, is a key portion of the compliance efforts of an Assisted Living or Senior Care property. Typically, this is almost always the first area of focus when a state inspection agency walks in the door. Staying on top of this and making sure that it is properly administered and documented, is critical to not only staying compliant with the regulations, but also to ensure the health and safety of your residents.

While many of the larger facilities and chains serving the luxury segment of the Assisted Living or Senior Care market already have made the leap to Electronic Medication Administration Records (EMAR), a large number of properties serving the middle market and the lower segments remain on paper due to the perception that the cost of EMAR is high and it is complex to use on a day to day basis. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the normal course of operations with an EMAR, the medication information is NOT entered manually by the staff at the Assisted Living/Senior Care facility. The data flows directly from the pharmacy into the EMAR module for receiving and acceptance by the facility staff. Once this is done, the staff (med techs) will be prompted to pass the right meds at the right time to the right resident. This enhances the safety of your residents and greatly reduces your liability risk and exposure .

Furthermore, when used with a barcode scanner, this increases the accuracy and safety of your medpass even more. It also helps you in your marketing efforts, because you are able to show concerned prospects and families that you are taking care of the residents with the best safeguards in place. This gives them the confidence to make the move to your facility.

This also greatly reduces your workload in several ways:

Compliance is greatly improved as the ACC program can prompt you about meds that are about to be late, meds that are missed and meds that are given late.

From a user perspective and from a management point of view, this proactive prompting will help you stick with the schedule.

You also don't have to go through the daily medpass review in the morning meetings and you don't have to do the month end medpass paperwork anymore.

In addition to the use of barcodes, you also have the option of doing this on an iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone, Android Phone or any computer.

You have the ability to monitor and manage this process even when you are away from the building.

All of this saves you and your staff significant time and helps you in your day to day work. If you are currently on paper, or if your current EMAR program does not meet your expectations, maybe it is time you looked into this and maybe, you should look at a demo of ACC/Sushoo!

- Naveen Venkatachalam, posted 12/12/2020

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