AL CloudCare Full Capabilities

End to End Time Saving Functionality

Our full fledged software helps you manage Care, Operations, Engagement, Workflow and key Financial aspects of your business.

So how can AL CloudCare really help Senior Care Facilities?

Here are a few examples how....

Save Time with Documents and Faxes
Document & Faxes

The blizzard of paperwork you see everyday will be a thing of the past!  Electronically receive and file documents/faxes in SECONDS instead of  MINUTES for each document!  And you save on paper and toner costs!

EMAR improves quality of care
Quality of Care

Alerts, Realtime Dashboards, Analytics and Reports help you and your staff achieve a high level of compliance and quality in delivery of care to your residents and clients.  Using EMAR, Charting, Tasks and other care tools, delivering improved care helps you keep your residents in your facility longer!

Informed Consent e-Signatures

Send Flu shot, Covid shot and other consent forms to your residents' POA's with a few clicks, saving you hours of work!  Then easily track who completed it, send reminders to those who have not and file it away in the charts automatically.  Takes you from DAYS of work to MINUTES of work!

EMAR Compliance Awards

Your communities and the your staff exceeding quality benchmarks receive Award Certificates celebrating your achievements and recognition through our website and Social Media.  With over 285 award winners in the last quarter alone, you receive evidence of your outstanding service! This also boosts your employee commitment and morale!


You are able to leverage the proof of your top notch quality and service in your Marketing and Sales efforts.  Stand out from your competition by delivering proof of your dedication to care and service!

Reduce Risk

Making sure that protocols are followed in the event of adverse events in always critical.  Failure to follow set protocols can be devastating to your business.  Enable the automatic scheduling of tasks when an adverse event protocol is activated, and reduce your risk exposure!

Budget/Cost Control

Enable your users to stick to the budget with the use of the PAY DOWN/SPEND DOWN screens that keep you up to date with your available budget and your spending details!  This also immediately updates and alerts you when the spending on a line approaches or exceeds the budgeted amount!  A variety of other Cost Control tools also help you achieve your financial target!

Multi-Location Overview

You have the ability to monitor and track multiple locations on your phone, in the palm of your hand!  This reduces travel, cost and wasted time while ensuring better oversight, management and employee performance!  This is especially useful for corporate organizations and owners with multiple group homes!

Improved Operations

You have the ability to focus in and improve on aspects of you operation with the aid of built in analytics.  Find out what your strengths are and hone in on your weaknesses to become more compliant, efficient and profitable.  This will also help you target the emerging Middle Market segment with better margins to help your operations.

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