And now for the price.....

EMAR Only Package
(For Pharmacy Partners)

Limited Availability. Setup fees + other terms apply.

$3.99 per bed per month

Gold Package
EMAR + EHR + e-Informed Consents + Operations*

$0 Setup fees.  Please call for included Modules.

$8.00 per bed per month

Platinum Package
Everything in Gold Package + Portals listed Below*

Family Portal and Corporate Dashboard.

$10.00 per bed per month

Optional ACM Portals

Provider Portal, Hospice Portal, Home Health Portal and other specialized portals.

Call for Pricing

Optional Electronic Fax Line

Pricing is based on monthly line fee + per minute cost  for faxing

Call for Pricing

*Excludes ACM Portals - Provider, Hospice, Home Health etc. Fax module requires an electronic fax line (charge additional). EMAR only option available in select cases. Monthly Minimum fees and other terms apply. Please call for details!

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