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Reduces your time, effort and saves money

Our pharmacy friendly EMAR software helps you manage your LTC medication management related processes with friendliness and ease.

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Here are a few examples how AL CloudCare can really help your LTC pharmacy operations!

Reducing Wastage

Get automated notifications of med changes, DC actions, resident discharge and more instantly as it happens at the community so you don't waste time and money filling redundant scripts.

Marketing to LTC communities

Offer more options than just an EMAR and stand out from the competition.  Show them that you are a true partner in helping them improve their operations and their bottom line!

Informed Consent e-Signatures

Send Flu shot, Covid shot and other other consent forms to your residents' POA's with a few clicks, saving you hours of work!  Then easily track who completed it, send reminders to those who have not and file it away in the charts automatically.  Takes you from DAYS of work to MINUTES of work!

LTC and Combo pharmacies serving Senior Care Communities face unique challenges in filling prescriptions, delivering meds and managing the medication process including dealing with constant changes such as discontinued meds, discharged residents etc.  AL CloudCare offers a system to manage this process, save you money and time and deliver a complete service solution that keeps your LTC customers happy with you.  We are constantly evolving to produce and deliver better ways for you to achieve your business goals, as we consider LTC focused pharmacies to be our TRUE PARTNERS and not just an after thought to our LTC community clients.

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