Choosing an Alternative to your failed EMAR partner!

As a pharmacy or a community, it's hard enough dealing with your day to day tasks without having to worry about your EMAR partner slowly reducing service levels, reducing features, increasing costs and generally making the process difficult.  We are seeing more and more Pharmacy Partners and Communities reaching out to us reporting this due to Mergers, EMAR software companies selling, reducing service, going out of business etc.  We have been able to step in and help stabilize the businesses of the Pharmacy partners and the communities. 

Unfortunately, many of the pharmacies and communities fear the effort in making the switch out of this toxic partnership.  This is leading to higher levels of frustration, stress and a lot more 'busy' work just staying at the current level of performance.  We recognize this and have worked on making the level of effort needed for the transition as minimal as possible.  It is well worth you while to take a little bit of time and talk to us about this, so you can chart a successful path forward. 

Here are some common stories we are hearing:

  1. The EMAR software company has merged with another company, and since then they have 'gone downhill'.
  2. The company has sold to another company, and all the people have changed and the customers have lost all the established relationships.
  3. The company has really lost their commitment to service and support levels have dropped.
  4. The EMAR has, for whatever reason, cut features and now we are no longer able to do what we did before.
  5. The current company has raised prices, with no increase in any features, or even where features have gone down.

Don't remain stuck in this situation, please call us now and find out what we can do to help you!

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