Staffing Shortage in Senior Care!

Staffing is by far the single biggest challenge facing Senior Care Communities today. While all the communities are fighting over a limited pool of potential hires, there are other things that you can do to do more with the employees you have, and ensure that you retain your current employees and not lose them to the competition. These shortages can also have a negative impact on your compliance rate as overworked employees can miss things and make your operations more challenging.  Implementing technology is one way to achieve improved employee satisfaction and compliance. Here are a few things that technology can help you achieve: 

  1. Cut out frustrating admin work and data entry so employees can focus on more rewarding, higher value work.  This will also give them more time to focus on compliance and care.
  2. Automate simple, repetitive work as much as possible. Implementing automation technology can help a company to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing the need for human workers in certain tasks.
  3. Technology platforms can digitize employee training and development, helping employees feel more valued and fulfilled in their work.
  4. Flexible employee schedules, and optimization of the staff schedule can reduce labor costs and help retain employees.
  5. Make everyday job activities easier to complete.
  6. Make it easy for new people to join your industry and learn quickly through guided actions.
  7. Make employee compliance easy to achieve through automated reminders and trackers.
  8. Employee engagement and talent retention technology can help a company to keep their current employees happy and engaged, reducing the need to constantly recruit new employees.

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