AL CloudCare Assisted Living Software

Why AL CloudCare Assisted Living Software?

Why do you need Assisted Living Software and how can AL CloudCare help?

A large number of Senior Care or Assisted Living Facilities surprisingly still operate either on paper, or on siloed, fragmented software systems that can only do one or few things. Completing their daily work in this manner not only adds to your risk of medication, care and operational errors, but also increases the amount of work that people have to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to reconcile all the information in different data buckets.

What AL CloudCare Assisted Living software does for you is to help you improve compliance, increase revenue and reduce costs. It presents you with an integrated analysis and view of your operations so you can see, for example, the impact that your scheduling has on your budget compliance, the impact that resident health and levels of care has on your billing etc.  

Here are areas where you will be able to enhance your operations

  1. Resident Care - EMAR, Charting, Tasks, Care Plans and Assessments!
  2. Operations - Document Management, e-Faxing, e-Consents, Repairs/Work Orders, CRM and Training!
  3. Financial Management - Budgeting, Paydown/Spend Down tracking, Billing, Charge Capture, Resident Funds and Investor Reports!
  4. Compliance/Oversight - Performance Analytics, Budget Compliance, Risk Management and Care Alerts!
  5. Resident/Family Engagement - Activity Calendar and Family Portals!

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