Why ACC Assisted Living software?

ACC Assisted Living Software

Why do you need Assisted Living Software and how can ACC help?

A large number of Senior Care or Assisted Living Facilities surprisingly still operate either on paper, or on siloed, fragmented software systems that can only do one or few things. Completing their daily work in this manner not only adds to your risk of medication, care and operational errors, but also increases the amount of work that people have to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to reconcile all the information in different data buckets.   

What ACC Assisted Living software does for you is to help you improve compliance, increase revenue and reduce costs.  It presents you with an integrated analysis and view of your operations so you can see, for example, the impact that your scheduling has on your budget compliance, the impact that resident health and levels of care has on your billing etc.  

The key program tracks of ACC Assisted Living Software that can help you on a day to day basis


Resident Care

Providing the necessary health and personal care for your residents is a challenging task.  This is usually a key consideration when evaluating software for assisted living.  With the use of the following modules in ACC, we can assist you in meeting this challenge:

EMAR - Using our EMAR in passing meds and managing medications, you are able to increase your accuracy and reduce errors.

Care Plans and Assessment - This will help you not only in determining the level of care a resident needs, but the output will also aid you in determining the staffing levels you need to meet this commitment and the billing/cost discussions you should have with the family, based on resident needs.  

Tasks - Using the Task module in our Assisted Living Software system,  you are able to complete ADL's and other regularly scheduled assessments and reports.

Charting - Adding Nursing notes, physical therapy notes and so on to document on the resident are part of this set of modules


Sales and Revenue

Generating sales and maintaining revenue has always been a critical part of any business, and it is especially true for Assisted Living, Memory Care and Independent Living, in today's hyper aware pandemic/post pandemic environment.  The following functionality can help you thrive in generating revenue:

CRM - Using our CRM for marketing and sales helps you not only track and follow up on prospects, but also identify your best referring sources for leads and nurture them for more business.  In addition, the program has excellent reports on Assisted Living/Senior Care Occupancy on a daily, monthly and cumulative basis for reporting to your investors

Billing - Once your residents are in house, our automated invoice generation process helps you charge and collect payments with less effort.

Charge Capture - Given that the emerging middle market assisted living model is trending towards A la Carte care, you will need the charge capture module to capture incidental, ancillary and additional charges that will automatically roll up to your monthly invoice with no additional effort.  This will help you capture all the revenue that is due.


Cost Control

Controlling your ongoing costs are also critical to the successful, sustainable and profitable operation of your Assisted Living community.  Our financial focused modules can help you achieve that goal

Budgeting - This helps you set up a yearly budget for your property to follow.  Setting this budget up is also made easier by our corporate bench marking, rapid entry and auto calculations based on projected occupancy.

Pay-down/Spend-down - This increased your budget compliance by increasing visibility of available funds to authorized personnel and tracking daily, weekly, monthly and roll up spend of each property.  This pushes users towards budget compliance with a higher level of spending discipline.

HR/Scheduling compliance - Provides budget visibility of your HR spend as  you schedule staff, ensuring that you reduce overtime hours as well as spend within budget for your staffing needs.  Since HR costs are greater than 60% of the budget for most facilities, this function has a significant impact on your bottom line.


Other Operational modules

In addition to all of the above, the ACC software for assisted living facilities provides modules such as Facility Maintenance, Resident Activities, Document tracking, secure messaging, Tele-medicine and many, many more, to help you improve your operations.  All of these contribute to the benefits of our cutting edge program.

Don't take our word for it - please call us at 321-574-5356 and ask us why we are a perfect fit as the software for your assisted living facility!  Join us for a demo, and decide for yourself!

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