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AL CloudCare EMAR -LTC Pharmacy Premier Partner Program

Earn more, and keep more, of your LTC business!

Introducing AL CloudCare Co-Branding partnership for select pharmacy partners!

The reality is that your LTC customer is far more likely to change pharmacies, than they are to change their EMAR software.  How can you capture that loyalty and get, AND RETAIN, more of your customers?

This unique opportunity in Co-branding the EMAR software with YOUR pharmacy branding can further enhance the advantages of your pharmacy sales process and results by:

  • Building Trust: Co-branding instills confidence in the pharmacy's quality, commitment and reliability, making long-term care facilities more inclined to trust your pharmacy.
  • Visibility: Your pharmacy's brand alongside the software's strengthens your market presence, potentially attracting more customers.
  • Customization: Co-branding allows you present a unified marketing message to match your pharmacy's branding, creating a seamless and personalized sales experience for your customers.
  • Competitive Edge: Co-branded software distinguishes your pharmacy from competitors, reinforcing your commitment to innovation and patient care.
  • Customer Loyalty: Long-term care facilities are likely to develop loyalty to your pharmacy due to the personalized and reliable software, leading to long-term partnerships and increased business.  Having the "pharmacy's branded software" increases the commitment from your customers to stay with you.

Qualify for the Premier Partner program!

This is a limited time opportunity with a few open slots, so please call us today to learn about the qualifications for participation in this program.  Having an EMAR, with your Pharmacy Branding on it, will give you an immense marketing and sales edge!

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