Using Electronic Move In Agreements to enhance a frictionless move in experience

Manual vs Electronic Resident/Client agreements for Paperless Move In.

One of the most impactful ways to streamline the client move in process is by transitioning to online agreements. This shift not only saves time and money but also significantly improves workflow. Here, we delve into the benefits of using online agreements and provide a step-by-step comparison between the traditional paper method and the modern electronic signature process.

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Preparing Agreements: Print out the necessary agreement forms and Ensure all pages are accounted for and correctly organized.
Filling out Agreements: The paper agreements must be filled in appropriately with all the required deails.
Scheduling the Signing Appointment: Coordinate a suitable time for all parties (resident, family members, and staff) to meet.  Often involves multiple phone calls or emails.
In-Person Signing or Signing by Mail: Gather all parties in one location.  Ensure all forms are signed in the correct places.  Address any questions or concerns on the spot.  If this is by snail mail, then double the time needed.
Document Collection and Filing:  Collect all signed documents.  Make copies for all relevant parties.  File the originals in physical storage.
Record Keeping:  Store the physical documents securely. Maintain an organized filing system for easy retrieval.


AL CloudCare Features


Select the Agreements and the Client Name: Two clicks on the Agreements Dashboard!
Click on 'Send': A third click!!!
All Parties fill in their details and sign on their Email: A little bit of typing and a few more clicks!!
Automatically filed in the Client's chart and everyone has signed copies: No clicks at all!!!


Time Savings
Transitioning to an electronic signature system can drastically reduce the time spent on the move-in process. The need for physical coordination is eliminated, and the signing can happen at the convenience of each party, no matter their location. This means no more waiting for a convenient time for all parties to meet, and no more time spent on physically handling documents.

Cost Savings
Printing, copying, and storing physical documents incur costs that add up over time. With electronic agreements, these costs are minimized. There's no need to spend on paper, ink, or physical storage space. Additionally, the reduced need for in-person meetings means fewer travel expenses.

Workflow Improvement
The move to a paperless process enhances overall workflow. Staff can focus more on providing care rather than managing paperwork. Digital agreements are easier to manage, track, and retrieve, reducing the administrative burden and the risk of errors. The entire process becomes smoother and more efficient, leading to better experiences for both staff and residents.

By adopting online agreements and electronic signatures, assisted living facilities, group homes, and IDD communities can enjoy significant time and cost savings while improving their overall workflow. The move to a paperless process is not just a technological upgrade; it's a step towards a more efficient and effective way of working, ensuring that more resources can be dedicated to what truly matters – providing exceptional care and support. 

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