EMAR, EHR and Operations Software for Group Homes

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How can Group Homes leverage EMAR, EHR and Operations software to improve compliance, reduce costs and increase profits?

Group Homes fill an important niche in resident care.  However, due to their smaller size, they typically are not able to afford expensive technology solutions that can help them automate their operations, reduce their workload and improve compliance and profits.

Sushoo/ACC recognizes this challenge.  Our solution is tailored to be easy to learn and use and helps you with your medication compliance, charting, risk management and other regulatory issues.  In addition, our operations software also helps you hone in on performance improvements and budget compliance, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

How can Sushoo/ACC help managing and operating Group Homes?


EMAR/Medication Management

You can automatically receive medication data from your pharmacy through our pharmacy interface, reducing your data entry and improving medication accuracy.  You can also scan barcodes when passing meds, to ensure that the right resident gets the right med at the right time.  You can reduce or eliminate medication reconciliation and month end processes, saving you mounds of time!


ADL's, Assessments and Tasks in your Group Home

Automate reminders and track the completion of ADL's, Assessments and Tasks on your computer, tablet or iPhone/Android phone.  This not only improves your compliance and resident health, but also helps with managing risk and reducing your legal liability concerns.


Improve and track your Occupancy

Whether you have one home or several, you can use our CRM/Marketing module not only to manage your prospects and fill your buildings, but also track your Financial and Physical Occupancy rates on a granular level, room by room if you need to.


Staffing Compliance and Scheduling with Budget analysis

Track and manage your employee records along with alerts on when their training/certification is due for renewal.  Your employee costs are about 60% - 70% of your budget - we will help you control this DURING the scheduling process by helping you with overtime control and budget compliance.


Billing and Revenue Management

Not only can we help you automated and speed up your resident billing, but we can also help you track resident funds/resident trusts and track money received or spent will the ability to back it up with documentation.  This can also help in Medicaid billing scenarios to track billing and payments.


Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you have one home or several, we can help you keep track or Maintenance Work Orders and help your maintenance staff document their work  easily on a table or phone.  You will be able to see their work and ensure that repairs and scheduled maintenance events are done on time.


Budget Management

Our budget module gives you clear visibility into your available funds for each budget line AS YOU SPEND.   This enables strong budget compliance and can contribute to improving your bottom line.


Activities Calendar

Schedule and track Doctor's appointments, Physical Therapy appointments and other appointments by creating and using an unlimited number of calendars for your use at each of your homes.  You can also create any number of Event calendars to track events such as resident engagement at each of your homes.

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