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How FEC Improved Care, Reduced Costs and Increased Profits

About FEC

Organization Type:   
Multi-property Corporate Chain of Assisted Living Facilities

Multiple Properties in Florida and Georgia

Use Case:
Using AL CloudCare for EMAR (Medication Management), CRM (Sales tracking), Billing (Resident Families and third parties), Budgeting (for tracking and controlling expenses) and Staff Management (Employee certification compliance tracking and scheduling)


FEC had been facing challenges in medication management, their budget and financial aspects of their operation, and were looking for an integrated solution that could help them improve in these areas.  They conducted reviews of appropriate software solutions and did their due diligence and selected AL CloudCare as the best partner for them.  In their review, FEC reached the conclusion that not only did AL CloudCare meet their immediate needs, but also offered a lot more options at an extremely competitive price.  They concluded that AL CloudCare will enable them to digitally transform their complete operations over time as they started using everything that the software offered.

Their Progression

FEC decided on a phased approach to their implementation.  Their plan was to start with one module and implement it across all their properties and keep adding functionality as they became more comfortable with the software.

EMAR (Medication Management)
They first went live with the EMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record), and in the process replaced other EMAR systems that they already had running in some of their facilities.  The day to day management had been a 'nightmare' in the words of Michael Almeida, their Director of Regional Operations, and implementing AL CloudCare really led to a huge reduction in their work load.  This also led to an immediate improvement in their compliance and record keeping related to medications.  Over time, several of their facilities and employees have won awards for maintaining a high level of compliance.

Billing and Budgeting
In their next phase, they went live with both Billing and Budgeting.  The challenge prior to implementation had been the lack of real time visibility into where their revenue and spend was on a regular basis.  With the implementation of the Billing and Budgeting modules, they had real time, instant visibility on where their revenues and expenses stood, both at the facility level for the administrator, and at the corporate level for the financial folks to monitor performance and budget adherence.  This led to a significant improvement in their financial health.

Staff Management
FEC has also started using the Staff Management module to track the status of their employees' regulatory licenses and certificates.  As the system alerts both the employee and the supervisor(s) when a certificate is soon due for renewal, this helps them stay current.  As this is a state mandated compliance issue, this helps all the FEC communities meet compliance and avoid tags.

FEC has just started using the CRM system for tracking leads and closing sales.  In addition, this helps them monitor the performance of their sales efforts and improve results.

Next Steps
FEC plans on starting with the Maintenance modules to start entering and tracking work orders for repairs and maintenance.  After this, they plan on using more of the modules to continue to improve their operations, care delivery and profitability.

FEC's Opinion and Feedback

In a discussion with Mr. Michael Almeida, their Regional Director of Operations, he revealed that the management and employees at both the corporate level and the property level have benefitted tremendously from this software as it has made their work easy.  He expressed the thought that if they were to remove the software from their operations at this point for any reason, they would have a lot of unhappy people.  He believes that making their work easier has led to better employee retention, as they are really happy with the user friendliness and functionality of the program.

Additionally, the build in analytics helps them track the performance and compliance of their staff and their communities, and the recognition and awards given to the top performers encourages competition, improves resident care and helps retain the best employees as they feel valued.

Michael believes that they only use about 40% of the software still, and strongly believes that as they use more of it, the results will be even better and help the communities and the company achieve their care, employee satisfaction and their financial goals.

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