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How Blue Sky ALH charted a path to amazing care, easy document management and improved operations.

About Blue Sky ALH

Organization Type:   
Small behavioral health residential homes, organically growing in count.

Multiple Properties in Arizona

Operated by:
Kristi C.

Use Case:
Using AL CloudCare for EMAR (Medication Management), Staff Management (Employee certification compliance tracking and scheduling)


Blue Sky had been facing challenges in working with an extensive amount of paper documents.  With the advent of the age of Covid, the need for rigorously maintaining, sending and receiving documents became critical and ubiquitous.  The organization wanted to be far more efficient and believed that recording activities electronically in the cloud would ensure security and easy, ready availability of information and documentation when needed.  Transferring or receiving electronic data also is fare quicker, simpler, efficient and more cost effective.  Hence the organization conducted an evaluation of software solutions that could meet their needs.

Their Progression

Blue Sky ALH decided on a phased approach to their implementation.  Their plan was to start with critically needed modules and implement it, and keep adding functionality as they became more comfortable with the software.  Since Electronic MARs were of prime importance, that's the module they started with.

EMAR (Medication Management)
They first went live with the EMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record).  Kristi Clayton, the CEO and operator of the homes reports that while she was at first nervous about going with an electronic MAR, 'it has been amazing!' in her words.  Blue Sky has quickly mastered the eMAR system and within six months, has achieved and incredibly high level of compliance.  

Blue Sky has customized the charting and tasks module to put in their own charts in electronic format.  This enables their staff to be on the ball with the system notifying them of tasks that need completion and helping them stay compliant and deliver all star health care to their residents.

Resident Funds Management
Blue Sky started using Resident Funds Management almost immediately after eMAR.  Though this was not among the criteria for their search or selection of the software partner, they had previously struggled with keeping easy track of resident funds and AL CloudCare had an in built solution that was far easier to use.  They considered this added feature a 'bonus' to what they were looking for.

Staff Management
Blue Sky has also started using the Staff Management module to track the status of their employees' regulatory licenses and certificates.  As the system alerts both the employee and the supervisor(s) when a certificate is soon due for renewal, this helps them stay current.  They have also recently started using the staff scheduling module to set their schedule

Electronic Fax and Document Management
The newly released Fax Management module has been a hit with Blue Sky ALH, helping them greatly reduce the time spent receiving, filing and sending documents via fax.  This also reduces the overall cost compared to a regular fax system, or even an e Fax system.

Next Steps
Blue Sky plans on starting with the Financial modules to start entering and tracking costs.  After this, they plan on using more of the modules to continue to improve their operations, care delivery and profitability.

Blue Sky's Opinion and Feedback

Kristi emphasized that while the medication management was important, they wanted their chosen software partner to do a lot more.  In her words, 'A lot of people do just eMAR software, but we wanted a lot more, especially charting'.  As an organization they are very happy that they got a lot more than they were looking for when they selected AL CloudCare.  In fact, Kristi explains that the new location that they just acquired is currently on an eMAR software that is also widely used and well liked, but it is only an eMAR software and does nothing else, so she will be switching that location over to AL CloudCare also.

Kristi states that, in addition to the eMAR, Charting, Staffing, and Resident Funds module, her favorite is the newly release Fax Management module that enables them to manage faxes, incoming and outgoing, in seconds.  She is looking forward to starting on the budgeting module in the near future to start tracking and controlling costs.  She also 'absolutely loves' the Fax Module and Resident Funds module.

Kristi says that in her search, AL CloudCare emerged as the best and 'only option', for smaller residential home or group home operators as the others were either too expensive, did not have enough functionality or did not even bother returning her calls.

Kristi believes that they picked the right partner as she has learned that while other companies may claim to be there for you, AL CloudCare support is easy to access and is always available if neeed.  As a result, she has seen strong improvement in their goals in improvement of care, employee satisfaction, time saving, cost saving and financial goals.

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