Meet the ACC
ALL STAR Facilities!!!

Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach

Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach

A Stunning Property with an ALL STAR crew providing ALL STAR care to their residents! High quality care provided consistently under the leadership of Randy and Stacey!

Cabot Cove of Largo

Cabot Cove

This ALL STAR team at Cabot Cove has been at it forever!  Fantastic commitment and leadership from Pam Tatro keeps this ship always sailing in the right direction!

Buena Vida Estates

Buena Vida Estates

Glenda and Karen have led this fabulous CCRC to great heights!  We at ACC are delighted to assist this strong leadership team achieve their goals!  Congratulations on your stellar performance!

Aravilla Senior Living


Meet the All Stars of Aravilla!  This team has set a new standard for medication management at their stunning facility!  Aravilla is an amazing place that prides itself on being HOME to so many seniors!

Century Oaks Assisted Living

Century Oaks

The amazing results at Century Oaks speaks for this leadership team of Super Stars!  Their peerless dedication to their residents shows up in their strong outcomes!  Keep up the great work!

Living Southern Style Assisted Living

Living Southern Style of Brevard

Awesome care delivered in a cozy setting!  The residents of Living Southern Style benefit from the attention to detail from this All Star location!  Great work Sheila!

Loving Seniors Assisted Living

Loving Seniors

Delivering excellent care in a family home atmosphere has helped Cheri achieve and maintain All Star medication management standards!  

Please stay tuned. Lots more All Stars to come.....

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