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AL Cloud Care EMOR Nurse

AL Cloud Care

Assisted Living Software for facility management and resident care.

Assisted Living MedPass


Electronic Medication Administration/Observation Records to track medications and compliance with regulations. 

AL Cloud Care Resident Charting


Reminders, alerts and reports will help you track and complete tasks and ADL's.  Store and track important documents in the Document Management module.

Assisted Living Billing


Improve revenue capture by enabling addition of a la carte services to the invoice.  Automate monthly invoicing with Memorized lists.

Asssisted Living Marketing

CRM (Marketing & Sales)

Enter and track prospects, set follow ups, reminders for meetings and successfully move in residents to maximize revenue.

Assisted Living Dining


Design and maintain daily menus, setup repeat menus with no data entry and enable special menus for holidays and other occasions.

Assisted Living HR and Compliance


Automated alerts on employee Certification dates helps eliminate state tags with a simple and powerful entry and tracking method.  Added to time clock management, employee scheduling and overtime control, this will save you time and money.

Assisted Living Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Enter, track and complete work orders, track expenses and capital expenditures by unit and alert on scheduled tasks.  Recurring maintenance is also a breeze with reminders and alerts.

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